manpower outsourcing

Gayatri Webtech Pvt. Ltd. is fast becoming a preferred partner for employee leasing and temporary staffing with multinational companies, large Corporate, Public Sector Companies, Government Organizations & Ministries. More and more companies are opting for temporary staffing in order to retain head count, reduce employment expenses, minimize long term liabilities, and meet seasonal increase in business.Our In-house Payroll & Compliance Management Team ensures smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle. We aim at integrating smoothly into your business and at the same time maintain continuity of your work force.

We provide manpower at all levels like Skilled, Semi Skilled, Unskilled, Graduates, Computer professionals, Office Boys, Gardeners, Helpers, Housekeeping Staff, Security Guard, Access Control System, CCTV, Gym Trainers, Etc.

We at Gayatri Webtech, identify qualified candidates whose skills match the specific disciplines you require.

  • Flexibility in hiring.
  • Cost and time saving in hiring process.
  • No permanent liability of people.
  • Availability of experts for short duration/project related work.
  • Availability of large resume data bank.